The Tower of Babel: A sermon by Nate Harlan on Genesis 10:1–11:9

Pastor Nate Harlan wraps up his series on the early chapters of Genesis by addressing the judgment of God against mankind as they built the Tower of Babel.

We live with the consequences of this judgment to this day. Wonder why the earth is so full of division and why mankind has such a difficult time dwelling as one family in this fallen world of ours? It stems back to this moment of judgement when God scattered the nations and confused their languages.

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All Authority: A sermon by Nate Harlan on Matt. 28:16-20

October 1: Mankind has a desire to unify under one name, as one family. Unity is a good desire — unless it is separate from the rule of Jesus Christ, who has been given all authority over all the nations by God the Father.

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Faithful Sons: A sermon by Nate Harlan on Genesis 9:18–28

Faithful sons bring blessing, redemption, glory, and honor to their fathers. But the record of Scripture reveals to us that most of the world’s troubles can be attributed to unfaithful sons.

Sermon by Pastor Nate Harlan, recorded Sept. 24, 2017.

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God Saves the World: A sermon by Nate Harlan on Genesis 9:1–17

As Pastor Nate Harlan continues his series on the first 11 chapters of Genesis, today we examine the Noahic Covenant in Genesis 9.

The world of our day in many ways resembles the world of Noah’s day, pre-flood: A world full of darkness, a world full of violence. Our expectation might be that God is going to destroy the world much like He did in Noah’s day. Instead, we find great hope in the Noahic Covenant. God’s plan is not the destroy the world. His plan is to redeem the world.

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God Remembered Noah: a sermon by Nate Harlan on Gen. 8:1–22

God’s purpose in judgment is not ultimately to destroy, but to redeem. The life of Noah is a foreshadowing of the Messiah; the purpose of the Old Testament is to point us toward Christ and to ground our faith in Him.

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Judgment Comes: a sermon by Nate Harlan on Gen. 7:1–24

The flood: The greatest act of judgment God ever performed on the earth.

It is never a comfortable thing to be confronted with the wrath of God against sin. But we need to stare the wrath of God in the face for this reason: So that we will understand our need for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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God’s Sorrow: A Sermon by Nate Harlan on Genesis 6:5–8

“Scripture tells us that God regretted making us, that He was grieved to the heart that He had made man because of our sin.”

What can this passage teach us about the nature of God and His response to sin?

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