The Tower of Babel: A sermon by Nate Harlan on Genesis 10:1–11:9

We live with the consequences of the scattering of the nations and the confusion of their languages to this day. Wonder why the earth is so full of division and why mankind has such a difficult time dwelling as one family in this fallen world of ours? It stems back to this moment of judgment.

God Saves the World: A sermon by Nate Harlan on Genesis 9:1–17

The world of our day in many ways resembles the world of Noah’s day, pre-flood: A world full of darkness, a world full of violence. Our expectation might be that God is going to destroy the world much like He did in Noah’s day. Instead, we find great hope in the Noahic Covenant. God’s plan is not the destroy the world. His plan is to redeem the world.

Judgment Comes: a sermon by Nate Harlan on Gen. 7:1–24

The flood: The greatest act of judgment God ever performed on the earth.

It is never a comfortable thing to be confronted with the wrath of God against sin. But we need to stare the wrath of God in the face for this reason: So that we will understand our need for the Lord Jesus Christ.