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Tim Bushong 8/18/2013- “Discerning Intentions”, pt. 3

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12-23-2012 Bushong- The Justification of Xmas

(Adapted from Rev. Charles R. Biggs)

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10-07-2012 Bushong- Pulpit Freedom Sunday

(There is a mis-speak at 3:38- I meant to say “…example of compatibilism”, but instead used the word “complementarian” (it must have been on my mind at the time!)

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08-19-2012 Bushong- 5 Indivisible Points- Unconditional Election

Sermon Text

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Tim Bushong 07/04/10 – Anthropology 20 Download

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Tim Bushong 06/27/10 – Anthropology 19 Download

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Tim Bushong 05/30/10 – Anthropology 18 Download

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