Abide in Christ — 1 John 2:24–28

We are not saved by sound doctrine. But we cannot be saved apart from it. 

Pastor Nate Harlan shows us from 1 John that we should be concerned with doctrine because we want eternal life. And to have eternal life, we need to abide in the truth of the gospel and abide in Christ.

(Our apologies for the poor sound quality in this recording.)

Why Christmas Matters — 1 John 2:18–23

The teaching of the Incarnation, that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, is viciously attacked today. This is an old lie; the Apostle John himself also faced this lie among the heretical Gnostics of his era. But as Pastor Nate Harlan preaches on 1 John 2:18–23, we discover  that if the Incarnation is false, then Christianity collapses. We must hold onto this truth against any “false christs” who would claim otherwise.

Keeping Christ’s Commandments — 1 John 2:3‑6

Do you want assurance for your salvation? Do you want to know that you are in Christ and that God has redeemed you from your sins?  Then ask yourself this question: Do I love my brothers and sisters in Christ? What is my attitude toward the church?

There is no such thing as a Christian who loves Jesus and hates the church.

Christ Our Advocate — 1 John 2:1–2

One sin is enough to sever your relationship with God. One act of disobedience in the garden made Adam into God’s enemy, because through that act, Adam called God a liar. One sin leaves us with no excuse and no defense.
But we have an advocate in Christ who promises to preserve his sheep.

Hear Pastor Nate Harlan preach on these verses in 1 John that warn us but also give us great hope.

Walking in the Light — 1 John 1:5–10

Pastor Nate Harlan leads us through this encapsulation of the Gospel in John’s first epistle. An important lesson: If a church’s members fail to confess their sins to one another, they will not have true fellowship with one another. And if they do not have fellowship with one another, they will not have fellowship with God.