The Glorification of the God-Man — Philippians 2:9‑11

Why did God exalt Christ? Jesus was not seeking glory for himself. He was already equal to the Father before suffering the humiliation of His incarnation. Instead, everything Christ did was for his people’s benefit. Listen to Pastor Nate Harlan’s encouraging sermon on the glorification of Jesus.

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Part Two: The Humiliation of Christ — Philippians 2:1‑11

How we live flows directly from how we believe. And one of the most important beliefs we have is the doctrine of Christ: Who is Jesus and what does that mean for us? Pastor Nate Harlan shows how important it is that Christ became a man just like us in every respect.

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Part One: Christ’s Example of Humility — Philippians 2:1‑11

John Calvin said that strife and vain-glory are the “two most dangerous pests for disturbing the peace of the Church.” How does the church battle these sins? By looking to Christ’s example of humility and striving for true unity.

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Standing Firm in One Spirit — Philippians 1:27‑30

Christians need courage for we live a life of conflict in a cosmic battle against the powers of darkness. But in this message by Pastor Nate Harlan, we hear that the secret to living a fearless life is to stand side by side in one spirit and with one mind with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

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To Live Is Christ, and To Die Is Gain — Philippians 1:19‑26

No one likes to think about dying. Death is loss and separation. But the Apostle Paul flips the narrative by saying death is gain because through it, he gains Christ. If we also see death as deliverance, we, like Paul, can live lives of fearlessness.

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Speak Without Fear — Philippians 1:12‑18

In our politically correct culture, where it is impolite to call out wickedness, Christians are tempted to be shamed into silence about the gospel. But the Apostle Paul says we don’t get to play it safe. We are called to be fearless in speaking the truth.

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True Love Discerns — Philippians 1:7‑11

In our day and age, love is often defined as undiscerning acceptance. In one sense, this is good, but it is woefully incomplete. If we are to abound more and more in the love of Christ, the church must discern between truth and error, and between good and evil.

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The God of Peace Will Soon Crush Satan Under Your Feet — Romans 16:20

We welcome Pastor Stephen Baker of Clearnote Church in Bloomington, Ind., who fills our pulpit this Sunday.

Our God is the God of peace. But this is not mere absense of conflict. No, our God earned peace for his children through the violent death of his own Son. And God in turn will crush Satan under our feet.

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The Source of Our Confidence — Philippians 1:1‑6

Salvation, from start to finish, is the work of God, not the work of man. Through this work, God glorifies himself. Thus, our confidence must not be in ourselves, but in God, because “he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

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The True God — 1 John 5:19‑21

As the Apostle John wraps up his first epistle, he simply warns his audience, “Little children, keep yourselves from idols.” But how are we to guard ourselves in a world filled with idolatry and with hearts so eager to construct new ones? Pastor Nate Harlan leads us to this encouraging conclusion of our series on 1 John.

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