The Light of the World — 1 John 2:7–11

The theme of brotherly love is a fundamental concern of this epistle. In order for you to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ, you will show love for your brothers in Christ. There is more to being a Christian than having mere knowledge. We also must love the church.

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Keeping Christ’s Commandments — 1 John 2:3‑6

Do you want assurance for your salvation? Do you want to know that you are in Christ and that God has redeemed you from your sins?  Then ask yourself this question: Do I love my brothers and sisters in Christ? What is my attitude toward the church?

There is no such thing as a Christian who loves Jesus and hates the church.

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Christ Our Advocate — 1 John 2:1–2

One sin is enough to sever your relationship with God. One act of disobedience in the garden made Adam into God’s enemy, because through that act, Adam called God a liar. One sin leaves us with no excuse and no defense.

But we have an advocate in Christ who promises to preserve his sheep.

Hear Pastor Nate Harlan preach on these verses in 1 John that warn us but also give us great hope.

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The Desire of the Righteous and the Fear of the Wicked

Who is foolish? Who is wise? Pastor John Mergy opens the Word to Proverbs 10:23–25, where we find three proverbs with “antithetic parallelism”: a contrast between opposites. Where does God draw the line between wisdom and foolishness? A wise man listens to the Word of God; the fool does what is right in this own eyes.

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Walking in the Light — 1 John 1:5–10

Pastor Nate Harlan leads us through this encapsulation of the Gospel in John’s first epistle. An important lesson: If a church’s members fail to confess their sins to one another, they will not have true fellowship with one another. And if they do not have fellowship with one another, they will not have fellowship with God.

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Made Manifest — 1 John 1:1‑4

Why does the incarnation of Jesus Christ matter? Pastor Nate Harlan begins a series through the book of 1 John to discover the answers. We soon realize the importance of doctrine, in this case the doctrines of Christology, that guard us from heresies that would either deny Christ’s divinity or his humanity.

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More Than Conquerors 3: Guarding Christ’s Flock

October 29:

“The work of pastors is absolutely essential to the work of reformation.”

In his third sermon on the Reformation, Pastor Nate Harlan looks to Scripture to exhort us that the way to reformation happens when pastors do their jobs of humbling us, unifying us, and protecting us.

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More Than Conquerors 2: The Word of the Cross

October 22:

Pastor Nate Harlan delivers this second sermon on the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. We study how the reformers returned to the faithful preaching of the cross, which is what brings about true reformation. If we modern-day American Christians are to continue the work of reformation in our day, then it absolutely must begin here, with the faithful preaching of Christ and Him crucified.

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More Than Conquerors 1: For the Love of Truth

October 15:

Five hundred years after the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, we can see that reformation is still a need in our day. What is there for us to do? What is the captivity is our day and age and what is the key to loosening the chains? Study along with Pastor Nate Harlan to hear what the Reformers have to teach us on loving truth in this Reformation series called More Than Conquerors.

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The Tower of Babel: A sermon by Nate Harlan on Genesis 10:1–11:9

Pastor Nate Harlan wraps up his series on the early chapters of Genesis by addressing the judgment of God against mankind as they built the Tower of Babel.

We live with the consequences of this judgment to this day. Wonder why the earth is so full of division and why mankind has such a difficult time dwelling as one family in this fallen world of ours? It stems back to this moment of judgement when God scattered the nations and confused their languages.

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