Slavery and the Gospel

“Why does the Old Testament condone slavery?” Before answering that question, we Christians need to define the terms as the Bible does. Then we can clearly state what was evil about slavery in the United States and describe how slavery operated in Biblical times.

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Genocide and the Gospel

Does the Bible condone genocide? How should faithful Christians respond when critics of the Bible say the complete destruction of pagan cities of the Promised Land by Joshua and the Israelites prove that God is unjust? Listen as Pastor Nate Harlan works through these passages.

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Good Authors Create Great Villains

Why would an omnipotent, omnibenevolent and omniscient God allow evil? But we all realize that a good author always creates a great villain. Without a great villain, we will not have a good story. Join Pastor Nate Harlan as we discuss what is called theodicy.

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