Despise Not Your Husband — 2 Sam. 6:16

God is very concerned with wives’ hearts toward their husbands. In this second sermon in his Family Life Series, Pastor Nate Harlan talks to wives — and to women who hope to be wives — about how God the Father wants them to treat their husbands.

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Sorrow’s End — John 16:16‑24


In this world of sin and death, sorrow is inescapable. Although we deserve sorrow, God does not desire for us to remain in sorrow. His desire is to give us joy. Hear Pastor Nate Harlan’s sermon on Christ’s words in John 16.

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The consistency of the accounts of the crucifixion

Unbelievers have a vested interest in trying to prove the gospel accounts of the crucifixion false. But these apparent discrepancies melt away with only a little study. Listen in to our family study on the topic.

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Repenting of Passivity — Deut. 6:4‑9

Pastor Nate Harlan opens his new sermon series on Family Life with a challenge aimed at men: Repent of your passivity, which is the refusal to take up your responsibility as a man. Repentence is hard, but be of good cheer. God is a faithful Father who helps us.

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Under Authority — Ephesians 4:11‑14

American Christians are far too prone to being individualistic and thinking ourselves as self-sufficient. But we all need to be under godly authority, because without it, we will go astray. Hear the sixth sermon in Pastor Nate Harlan’s series on “Life in the Church.”

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