Love Not the World — 1 John 2:12–17

The Apostle John warns us to love not the world. But what is the antidote to loving the world? It’s remembering who you are in Christ and being thankful. Pastor Nate Harlan preaches on 1 John 2:12–17 and encourages us, especially if we are little children, fathers, or young men.

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The Light of the World — 1 John 2:7–11

The theme of brotherly love is a fundamental concern of this epistle. In order for you to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ, you will show love for your brothers in Christ. There is more to being a Christian than having mere knowledge. We also must love the church.

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Keeping Christ’s Commandments — 1 John 2:3‑6

Do you want assurance for your salvation? Do you want to know that you are in Christ and that God has redeemed you from your sins?  Then ask yourself this question: Do I love my brothers and sisters in Christ? What is my attitude toward the church?

There is no such thing as a Christian who loves Jesus and hates the church.

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Christ Our Advocate — 1 John 2:1–2

One sin is enough to sever your relationship with God. One act of disobedience in the garden made Adam into God’s enemy, because through that act, Adam called God a liar. One sin leaves us with no excuse and no defense.

But we have an advocate in Christ who promises to preserve his sheep.

Hear Pastor Nate Harlan preach on these verses in 1 John that warn us but also give us great hope.

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The Desire of the Righteous and the Fear of the Wicked

Who is foolish? Who is wise? Pastor John Mergy opens the Word to Proverbs 10:23–25, where we find three proverbs with “antithetic parallelism”: a contrast between opposites. Where does God draw the line between wisdom and foolishness? A wise man listens to the Word of God; the fool does what is right in this own eyes.

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