Concerning Prayer — Psalm 86:1‑7

Are you often too troubled to pray? Or do you sometime second-guess yourself and wonder if God hears your prayers? Receive solid answers from the Word as Jon Swerens delivers this sermon which was first preached by Charles H. Spurgeon in 1888. Listen above, download the audio file here, or watch the video below. PhotoContinue reading “Concerning Prayer — Psalm 86:1‑7”

Livestreaming service info for March 22 and 29

Below is the link to Trinity’s YouTube channel. There’s no content on it as of yet, but you may use this link to join the livestream service this Lord’s Day at 10:45 a.m. Singing will be included within the service. Jon Swerens, Jason and Eli Fest, and Jon Townsend recorded hymns today at church.Continue reading “Livestreaming service info for March 22 and 29”

The Desire of the Righteous and the Fear of the Wicked

Who is foolish? Who is wise? Pastor John Mergy opens the Word to Proverbs 10:23–25, where we find three proverbs with “antithetic parallelism”: a contrast between opposites. Where does God draw the line between wisdom and foolishness? A wise man listens to the Word of God; the fool does what is right in this own eyes.