Talking about ‘The State of Theology’

There is a lot in The State of Theology report to discourage us. How can self-confessed evangelical Christian be so confused about the basics of our faith? We take a look at some of the problems that affect the evangelical church that have led it to such an intellectual and moral backruptcy.

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Man’s Idolatrous Asperations — Daniel 2:46‑3:7

Idolatry is man exalting himself in God’s place. Here in the book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar is a case study of human depravity, refusing to accept the rule of God. Pastor Nate Harlan points us to Scripture to show us the remedy to our own idolatry.

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The Everlasting Kingdom — Daniel 2:31‑45

The church is not a captive awaiting rescue. The church is a conquering army, capturing nations by throwing down their idols, all by preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God. Find courage and hope from this portion of the book of Daniel. (NOTE: The audio problems have been fixed.)

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God must reveal logic to us

In this continuation of our family study discussion, we consider the important fact that the existence of logic depends entirely on the existence of God. This truth cuts away at any unbeliever’s argument, for any argument rely on logic, making the argument self-contradictory.

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The Supremacy of God — Daniel 2:1‑30

When facing insurmountable troubles, what should the child of God do? It’s hard to find a better example than Daniel. He kept his cool when facing death because he trusted God and His generosity. Hear Pastor Nate Harlan’s encouraging sermon on chapter two of Daniel.

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