Unashamed: a sermon by Nate Harlan on Gen. 6:9–22

How can you know if you have faith that perseveres? Faithful Noah, leading the only believing family on the face of a violent planet, gives us an example to follow.

Download the audio here.

Sermon — Nate Harlan 8/13/2017, Gen. 6:5–8: “God’s Sorrow”

“Scripture tells us that God regretted making us, that He was grieved to the heart that He had made man because of our sin.”

What can this passage teach us about the nature of God and His response to sin?

Download the audio here.

About the Author Jon Swerens

I'm an accidental media mogul: Writing, editing, Wordpress, social media, design, UI, tech geek, etc. I'm also a thoroughly Reformed Christian, but not one of those cranky ones. Founder of Rockhill Design and Rockhill Records.

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