Tim Bushong 1/24/2016- “The Most Difficult of Doctrines”


  1. Tim;
    Before going to your 5 closing points, there could not have been a more fitting or, quite frankly, staggering way to wrap the message than to go to Eph 1:4.
    It always brings chills and/or tears when I consider that it brought God *pleasure* to elect. Perhaps it is off-target to use the common definitions for pleasure, but that it would bring Him happiness, satisfaction, enjoyment, etc. to form an eternal, loving, benevolent, joyful, etc. relationship with a creature at enmity with Him is *beyond* me… exactly. Sola dei gloria!
    Thanks again for the online presence of TEC

  2. Paul-

    Amen, brother. I so appreciate your kind words, and it IS entirely on-target. I believe that Scripture gives us a picture of God as One Who does all that pleases Him, is utterly trustworthy, and most of all is holy. It’s beyond me as well!



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