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  1. Very thought-provoking, and I’ll share a few…
    Fairly early on, “Jill” makes the point that the atonement goes beyond simply paying a debt. Absolutely; the word didn’t come up in discussion until quite a bit later, but “reconciliation” came to my mind. Atonement goes beyond some measure of LEGAL satisfaction, and completes a RELATIONAL satisfaction.

    Around minute 22, Pastor Harlan asks what the work of Christ on the cross accomplished if it was only an EXAMPLE of how to satisfy God (paraphrased). I think I can answer that: It accomplished universal eternal damnation… because we are unable to perfectly follow the example. We cannot stand at the judgment and claim, without lacking, “I did what He did”.

    Then around minute 44, Jill makes a comment along the lines that if indeed baptism conveys the work of atonement, it elevates baptism higher than a sacrament. I agree; it supplants the work of Christ with the work of men, placing the attainment of salvation back on us again, since the (physical) ACTIONS of baptizing and being baptized are solely the work of mortals.

    Thank you for your ministry!

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