Nate Harlan 12/7/2014- Matt. 1:21: “Call His Name Jesus”

Tim Bushong 12/7/2014- Behind the Hymns We Sing 11: “Joy To The World”

Dirk DeWinkle 11/30/2014- Matt. 7:23: “Impact of the Sermon on the Mount”

Tim Bushong 11/30/2014- Behind the Hymns We Sing 10: Isaac Watts Bio

Nate Harlan 11/23/2014- Matt. 22:13-36: “Hypocrisy”

Tim Bushong 11/23/2014- The Hymns We Sing 9: “There Is A Fountain”

Nate Harlan 11/16/2014- Matt. 22:1-12: “The Pastors’ Most Dangerous Enemy”


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